Getting to Know Our Newest Members – Andrew Welch of Boly:Welch

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We’d like to welcome Andrew Welch to EO Portland. He’s the President of local recruiting and consulting firm Boly:Welch, founded in Portland in 1986. Andrew is a sixth-generation Oregonian and shares a secret forest hideaway with his high school sweetheart and a small litter of destroyer bots.



Where are you from originally?AW
Portland… Born and bred. Although I’ve visited, lived and worked in 23 countries, I currently reside 5 miles from the spot I was born.

If we were sitting here a year from today celebrating the great year that your company has had, what did you accomplish?
Every year is a great year at Boly:Welch, but if I was looking back on an exceptional year, we would have helped more people to find their perfect working family, we would have helped more companies to find high performers who align with their culture, values and needs and create the cultures that will keep them, we would have improved our responsiveness, quality and depth of service, we would have helped our employees to grow and develop through all of the “stuff” that life throws at them and we would have had an even greater impact on the community that we live in, helping to build the city and the world where we want to live, work and play.

Who is your role model and why?
My role models are all dark-horses, underdogs, contrarians, rabble-rousers, explorers and mavericks, who are either too stubborn or too stupid to believe that something can’t be done or can’t be done better. There are countless examples to be found in every line of work, walk of life and period of history.

Who was your childhood hero?
Easy. Coyote and Raven. They’re shapeshifters, tricksters and world-changers and they’re still my heroes.

What are you looking forward to most as a member of EO Portland?
Honestly, I’m probably most excited about joining and contributing to a forum. I’m a big believer in continuous learning and feel that if you can put your ego aside, you can always find better ways and better ideas. I’m excited to get some help and perspective and hope to be able to help and provide some perspective.