Getting to Know Our Newest Members – Lena Hyde of Design Aglow

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Lena Hyde is a professional photographer, author, and founder of Design Aglow, an online resource for professional wedding and portrait photographers. She also publishes the new quarterly magazine, AGLOW, Lena lives with her husband and two boys in SW Portland.

Where are you from originally? lena
I was born and grew up in Miami and spent my 20’s in San Francisco….went on our honeymoon and stayed 11 years! After we had our first child, we moved back to south Florida to be near family. However, after spending many summers on the west coast, I realized how much we missed it here. Two years ago, we decided to relocate my company to Portland and it has been a fantastic decision. Portland is an ideal place to run a creative business AND an incredible place to raise a family. Winters are a little tough on me, so I make sure I can get some tropical sunshine whenever possible!

Do you have any personal goals for 2016?
I’m trying to be more efficient with my time. Currently, I am only in the office 4 days a week and I think that change has made a huge difference in my stress level and overall quality of life. Don’t get me wrong….I still work on projects or creative brainstorming most evenings, but from home, on the sofa and likely in my PJs.

If we were sitting here a year from today celebrating the great year that your company has had, what did you accomplish?
We are about to launch a new division of our company, called Polished by Design. The online site has been in development for over 2 years (and 250% over budget) and we will be launching in beta next month. I’m super excited to again be first to market with a resource that will change the way creatives do business. I am hoping a year from now we will be drinking champagne, eating (gluten-free) donuts and celebrating a successful first year!

Describe your ideal day in Portland.
It’s definitely summer. And it includes lots of great food and coffee. I love walking around and exploring shops and galleries, maybe even a show or concert. The parks and gardens are lovely too. But mostly, it’s about the food.

Tell us about an accomplishment that you consider as the most significant in your career.
About 4 years into my career as a photographer, I was able to gross six figures and somehow that was a really big deal for me because I was finally earning more than my husband. After that, my confidence was made and my studio revenue doubled every year for the next several years. The fact that I loved what I was doing made it feel like the biggest coup of all time!

What was the first concert you attended? What was the last?
Seeing the Police at the Orange Bowl was my first concert. My first “real” job was at a record store in the 80s, so I was lucky enough to be able to attend many shows…..with really good seats! I saw Duran Duran, U2, the Cure, David Bowie, REM, the Smiths, Siouxie and the Banshees and so many others……good times. My last show? Portland Gay Men’s Choir!

What are you looking forward to most as a member of EO Portland?
I am super excited about connecting with other local entrepreneurs who also run creative businesses. I have already attended a few events and have been blown away by the quality of the programs and the welcoming spirit of the chapter. I’m second most excited about driving a Ferrari at the upcoming June event, Life in the Fast Lane.

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